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• It is fast: used products are purchased immediately without prior appointment and paid in cash or cheque
• It is reassuring: specialists is used products receive customers in a comfortable setting. It is reassuring: specialists is used products receive customers in a comfortable setting. The product is tested in the presence of the customer. Payment is totally secure.

Cash Express receives more than 80% of its stock from individual customers. The rest comes from stock clearance, unsold, or refurbished products. Cash Express Groupe is referenced by European suppliers in their supplementary product lines (accessories, stock clearance, etc ..).

The "Purchasing / Estimates" spaces receive sustomers in a comfortable setting: coffee, Wi-Fi, newspapers, sofas.


• It is concrete: Cash Express is a network of stores close to their customers. After undergoing meticulous testing, the products are presented in a favourable setting. Specialised customer service counsellors assist the customers in their purchase.
• It is guaranteed : Cash Express guarantees all products free of cost for 3 months or 6 months (depending on the country). Beyond this period, Cash Express offers an extended warranty service up to two years.

The sales stores are modern, spacious, laid out just like stores selling new products.


"Its strength, faced with internet giants like eBay or Le Bon Coin: it pays cash to individual customers."
"Cash Express goes international. For a franchisor, nothing can be left to chance. Before creating its first unit in Belgium, Cash Express studied the competition and the habits of Belgian customers."
"When he founded Cash Express, Roger Beille decided to apply to the used products market the same, proven rules of retail trade."


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